Images and Words - Live in Tokyo

1. Under A Glass Moon
2. Pull Me Under (video)
3. Take The Time (video)
4. Wait For Sleep
5. Surrounded
6. Ytse Jam / Drum Solo
7. Another Day
8. To Live Forever / Barf Bag
9. A Fortune In Lies
10. Puppies on Acid / Take The Time
11. Pull Me Under

Disquera:: Atlantic, East West
Formato: VHS

5 Years In A LIVEtime

1. Burning My Soul
2. Cover My Eyes
3. Lie (video clip)
4. 6:00
5. Voices
6. The Silent Man (video clip)
7. Damage Inc. (Metallica)
8. Easter (Marillion)
9. Starship Trooper (Yes)
10. Hollow Years (video clip)
11. Puppies On Acid
12. Just Let Me Breathe
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Speak To Me
15. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
16. Anna Lee
17. To Live Forever
18. Metropolis
19. Peruvian Skies
20. Learning To Live
21. A Change of Seasons

Disquera:: East West
Formato: VHS

Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York

El DVD contiene "Scenes From A Memory" en su totalidad en el concierto en New York City el 30 de Agosto del año 2000.

1. Opening Scene
2. Regression
3. Overture 1928
4. Strange Deja Vu
5. Through My Words
6. Fatal Tragedy
7. Beyond This Life
8. John and Theresa Solo Spot
9. Through Her Eyes
10. Home
11. The Dance of Eternity
12. One Last Time
13. The Spirit Carries On
14. Finally Free
15. Closing Scene

Material Bonus del DVD:
1. Erotomania
2. Voices
3. The Silent Man
2. Learning to Live
3. A Change of Seasons

Disquera:: Elektra
Formato: VHS, DVD

Live In Tokyo / 5 Years In A LIVETime

Este set de 2 DVDs Live In Tokyo/5 Years In A LIVEtime, no le puede faltar a ningun fan de Dream Theater. El set de 2 DVDs es un super paquete de mas de 3 horas de video: presentaciones en vivo, ademas de 6 videos y entrevistas detrás de camara.

DVD 1:

Images And Words: Live In Tokyo: con grabaciones de la presentacion de Dream Theater en Tokyo, Japón, durante el tour mundial "Music In Progress".

DVD 2:

Five Years In A LIVEtime: es una colección de conciertos de la banda de los ultimos 5 años (1993-1998), incluyendo shows en Rotterdam y London, ademas del tour de 1994/1995 "Waking Up The World" y el tour mundial de 1997/1998 "Touring Into Infinity". También contiene los videos "Lie", "The Silent Man", and "Hollow Years", ademas de videos de estudio durante las grabaciones de "Awake" y "Falling Into Infinity".

Live At Budokan

1. As I Am
2. This Dying Soul
3. Beyond This Life
4. Hollow Years
5. War Inside My Head
6. The Test That Stumped Them All
7. Endless Sacrifice
8. Instrumedley
9. Trial of Tears
10. New Millennium
11. Keyboard Solo
12. Only a Matter of Time
13. Goodnight Kiss
14. Solitary Shell
15. Stream of Conciousness
16. Disappear
17. Pull Me Under
18. In the Name of God

Disquera: Atlantic
Formato: DVD, Blu-ray


Este DVD contiene el gran final de la gira 20mo aniversario, grabado en vivo en el Radio City Music Hall de Nueva York, el 1ro de Abril del 2006.

1. The Root Of All Evil
2. I Walk Beside You
3. Another Won
4. Afterlife
5. Under A Glass Moon
6. Innovence Faded
7. Raise The Knife
8. The Spirit Carries On
9. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
10. Vacant
11. The Answer Lies Within
13. Sacrificed Sons
14. Octavarium
15. Metropolis, Pt. 1

Disquera: Rhino
Formato: DVD

Chaos in Motion

Disco 1:
1. Intro/Also sprach Zarathustra
2. Constant Motion
3. Panic Attack
4. Blind Faith
5. Surrounded
6. The Dark Eternal Night
7. Keyboard Solo
8. Lines in the Sand
9. Scarred
10. Forsaken
11. The Ministry of Lost Souls
12. Take the Time
13. In the Presence of Enemies
14. Schmedley Wilcox:
I. Trial of Tears
II. Finally Free
III. Learning to Live
IV. In the Name of God
V. Octavarium

Disco 2:
"Behind the Chaos on the Road" (Documental de 90 minutos)
Videos promocionales de Constant Motion, Forsaken y The Dark Eternal Night
Video de proyeccion en vivo para The Dark Eternal Night (N.A.D.S.), The Ministry of Lost Souls, In the Presence of Enemies, Pt. 2
Tour del escenario con Mike Portnoy
Tour de camerinos con Mike Portnoy
Galeria de fotos

Live at Luna Park

Bridges in the Sky
The Dark Eternal Night
This Is the Life
The Root of All Evil
Lost Not Forgotten
Drum Solo
A Fortune in Lies
The Silent Man
Beneath the Surface
Piano Solo
On the Backs of Angels
War Inside My Head
The Test That Stumped Them All
Guitar Solo
The Spirit Carries On
Breaking All Illusions
Metropolis Pt. 1

Seis canciones adicionales:
These Walls
Build Me Up, Break Me Down
Caught in a Web
Wait for Sleep
Far from Heaven
Pull Me Under

Documental de la gira
Tras las camaras
Intro animado

Disquera: Roadrunner Records
Formato: DVD, CD, Blu-ray


Dallas, TX, USA

12/02/2017 - The Pavilion

Austin, TX, USA

12/01/2017 - Bass Hall

Asheville, NC, USA

11/29/2017 - Thomas Wolfe Aud.

Raleigh, NC, USA

11/28/2017 - Memorial Auditorium

Baltimore, MD, USA

11/27/2017 - The Lyric

Huntington, NY, USA

11/21/2017 - Paramount

Philadelphia, PA, USA

11/19/2017 - Merriam Theatre

Asbury Park, NJ, USA

11/18/2017 - Paramount Theater

New York, NY, USA

11/16/2017 - Beacon Theater

Boston, MA, USA

11/15/2017 - Orpheum Theatre

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